Expert reviews

Increase Trust With High Quality Reviews

Aggregated from online publication sources, the collected product review data is structured and optimized for online integration. Expert reviews are highly trusted and thus have a very high impact on purchasing decisions.

Visitors can vote on the usefulness
Award from review
Review summary: pros, cons & bottomline

Reviews on retailers product pages increase engagement conversion trustworthiness

User Reviews

A Modern Reviews Solution

Reviews submitted to retailers by online shoppers. We aggregate and standardize them, so you can add reviews to your product pages and send visitors to your most important online retailers.

Summary of all reviews and data
Feature ratings
Summary per retailer
Shoppable Reviews

Generate Sales from Product Pages

Shoppable reviews are aggregated by the consumers to enhance online customer experience by featuring summaries on product pages. Reviews generate traffic and provide insights into clicks and conversion rate.

Structured content and insights
Intuitive design
Easy implementation

Dashboard Capabilities

Up to date information on how your site or campaign implementations are performing in one dashboard. Our proprietary tracking technology allows you to closely monitor performance.